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If you want a journalist who likes listening to Beethoven, say so, otherwise you might end up with a stockbroker who likes listening to Iron Maiden. Try to keep your profile up to date and be straight forward with your thoughts. We suggest adding a photo, if you’re comfortable with it. Make sure it’s a recent one, and not one of you as a toddler!

When it comes to messaging or emailing, don’t include too many details – going overboard isn’t sensible. Just talk about things you have in common, and let it flow. Don’t be emotional, as the other person will probably take to his or her heels. Remember to be honest – don’t lie about who you are not .You will eventually be unmasked, ruining a potential friendship or romance. And remember to stay positive – don’t make silly comments about other user’s photograph, and don’t be critical of their profile.

You need to ensure that your privacy is intact, and that any information you provide is kept confidential. No staff member may ask you for your password, or even use your contact or email details for marketing purposes – though spam is sometimes inevitable and unavoidable. Try not to include your actual email address – you might consider making a separate account just for online dating. And giving out your phone number is a strict no no.

Once you’ve set up a good friendship, you might consider meeting the person. Remember to tell a close friend where you’re going, give all details. If you haven’t chatted over the phone yet, we recommend you do that first, to see how it goes. Don’t give out extremely personal details like home address and number unless you’re sure about the person. Meet in a public place, some kind of familiar location- so that you can relax and enjoy yourself. If at any point you feel offended by his/her behavior, or want to leave, do so.

Listen to your heart and try to trust your judgment, more often than not – it’s correct. Enjoy dating at online []dating websites and don’t continue if you don’t want to. Is someone continuously harassing you for your phone number? Stay away, and block him or her if possible. Relax and []enjoy online dating

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